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Serving my medicine.
The Mystical Stranger

     Ever since I can remember I have always known that there was something more. I would look at the world around me and question if it went any deeper. Whether it be at school, work, or even conversing at the dinner table with my family, I knew that there was more than what I was experiencing. I have spent much of my life seeking, reading, and traveling to find more.

     Ten years ago, this seeking led me down a path that brought me to a circle of women. Within this circle, I was taught the sacred ways of the great cycles of life. With this new knowledge and trying to apply it to my life,  I began to disintegrate. This experience required me to put together all my seeking, studying, and traveling into practice.  I now noticed all the patterns and ways that I used to live my life and it didn't make sense anymore.  I now knew.  During that time I entered a phase of my life that catapulted my spiritual growth. It was full of illness, fear, heartbreak, betrayal, and so much death. Yet these women were able to hold it all and within their presence, I had the courage and strength to overcome it all. It was truly divine. 

     Since that time, I feel like I am continuously jumping off edges to expand. I now allow this great life to lead me where it wants me to go.  It has brought mountains and valleys, but it never has given me anything I can’t overcome. Amid it all, I have grown into a woman that I never knew I could ever be.

     In the last 5 years, I have brought both parts of my education together. Using both my spiritual teachings and my education as an RN, I have been able to combine knowledge and wisdom and utilize them while leading women's circles. This has been one of my greatest joys in life; being able to teach young girls and their mothers about the great cycles of life. Over the past 7 years, I have performed over a dozen of menarche ceremonies and learned from great teachers all over the world. Particularly I have deep gratitude for the teachers that have shared their knowledge about the divine feminine in Michigan, Canada, Australia, France, and Great Britain.

     I believe all women need guidance and a safe place to be seen and heard. I believe that it is curtail for women to understand that they are love and loved, not the stories they tell themselves every day. I believe that as women we hold the gift of community and there is so much more out there to be seen and know.

 I am that mystical stranger that is doing just that.

Things that make me happy...



My Husband

Experiencing true partnership in this lifetime together.




My home, guru, and treasure.



My Children

They have brought me the gifts of courage and love. They have taught me what is means to be a mother.




Elixirs of life.




As an adventurous Gemini, I will never stop learning and exploring.

Old Books



Never enough space for them.

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