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Women's Circle's 

For Centuries, across the globe, women gathered forming sacred circles. They created a space to share, laugh, cry, and learn from each other.    A safe container is created and allows an opportunity for you to be seen and heard and allows you to not only heal but grow. 


Today you can see  women naturally commune in circles.  For example, knitting circles, moms at the playground, book clubs sitting in circle and end up talking about everything except the book, and how about seeing little girls play and laugh on the playground.

It is just organic for women to meet and form a circle and share, sometimes its recipes, baby advise, experiences, heart ache.  I believe most of us have experienced this naturally.


You are invited to a Women's Sharing Circle, you are invited to remember who you truly are and to let your own magic integrate. 

We create a sacred circle, we learn how to listen with our heart, without judgement and just love, we see our sisters as mirror of ourself.  We begin to talk from our hearts, getting centered and present and allow to express our truth and trust it.  Healing and expanding in new ways.

Depending on the group, different themes and lessons will be presented at each circle. These could include teachings on the moon, seasons, elements, etc. or something completely new.

____________________________________________Red Tent Introduction and Spring Equinox Celebration

Wednesday, March, 21st 2023

6:30-8:30 pm


Women 16+

Goddess I am

600 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, FL


call/text: 248-766-3626

Join me as we gather to learn about the cycles within and around us. Learn how to listen and speak from your heart. Be with other women sharing a sacred space.  


Right's of Passage 


Blood Rites celebrate and acknowledge the transition from one phase of womanhood to another. While these important and sacred transitions may often go unnoticed by some, they are persistent through every stage of a woman's life.

These transformative rites include:






Throughout the world, these special transitions are celebrated and honored through the act of ceremony. Ceremony is extremely paramount to the development of the individual as well as the unity of the community. In ancient tribes and some cultures today, ceremony is viewed as vital and is a catalyst for the unity and evolution of their community. In other words, the act of ceremony not only brings you closer to those in your life but provides a space for your own transformation.

I believe that when a woman is taught and understands each phase of womanhood, she can embrace her essence fully.  She will evolve with wisdom and honor. When she can fully honor every aspect of herself, she is able to honor her community.  When she is not seen and celebrated in her womanhood, developments of inner conflict can occur and lead to disempowered choices, anxiety, body issues, and fear of aging. (Just to name a few.)

Rites of Passage Ceremony

Price: $200 


-Consultations before and after the ceremony.

-Creating and planning Your ceremony

-Facilitating sacred rite transformation. 

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