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Women's Circle's 


For centuries, women have gathered in sacred circles worldwide to share, laugh, cry, and learn. Today, this tradition continues organically in knitting circles, playground chats, and book clubs. Join us in a Women's Sharing Circle to reconnect with your true self, share experiences, and grow together. Through heart-centered listening and unconditional love, we heal and expand. Each circle offers diverse themes and teachings, from the moon to elements, fostering deep connections and personal growth.

Join me as we gather to learn about the cycles within and around us. Learn how to listen and speak from your heart. Be with other women sharing a sacred space.  

After a transformative journey together, our recent series of women's circles drew to a close in May 2024. We're thrilled to announce that we'll be commencing anew this September 2024 after a summer break, embarking on a captivating series of four monthly circles. If you're eager to join us on this enriching path, kindly reach out to secure your place on our waiting list.

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Girls Rites of Passage


September-October 2024


A girl’s transition into womanhood is the most influential time in her life. If acknowledged and supported it can open her up to a life of confidence and power instead of feeling embarrassed and anxious of this normal transition.

This 6 week workshop is for tween girls(10-13 years old) and their parents. Girls learn about this magical time of menstruation and awakening of her inner knowing and walk away with a sense of confidence and wisdom. Parents get their questions answered and learn their role in this very powerful age.

Please see Red Lotus Yoga website for dates and times.

Open and limited to 8 families.

$450.00/family pre-registration required

Red Lotus Yoga 1900 S. Livernois #A Rochester HIlls, MI 48307





Blood Rite Ceremonies for Girls & Women

A  beautiful service that celebrates the significant transitions in a woman's life through ceremony. By acknowledging milestones like menarche, marriage, motherhood, menopause and entering elder-hood, and witness by her community it can foster empowerment, self acceptance and support for the next phase in her life.

 Rite of Passage Ceremony

Price: $200 


-Consultations before and after the ceremony.

-Creating and planning Your ceremony

-Facilitating sacred rite transformation. 

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